Previously Owned Equipment

A compliment to the builders, to a pride of ownership and respect in maintenance, bamboo rods from as long ago as the 1920's are still in circulation, looking for new homes. Check our website for a listing of current and classic rods being resold to further their lives on the stream. Updated monthly.


Mint Farlows Rods

A pair of mint condition never been used Sharpes Farlows rods. An 8'8" Scottie 2/1 for 5/6 weight line and an 8'6" Norm Thompson 2/1 for 6/7 weight line.

The Scottie is priced at $755.00

The Norm Thompson is priced at $725.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Owen & Caudle Sold Through Sportsmail, 7'-4, 2/1, 5 wt.

A trade rod imported from England sold through Sportsmail Ltd., and so labeled, also noted on the shaft "The Kennet Rod". Impregnated deep caramel colored shafts, offset ferrule station ala Pezon et Michel rods with bamboo ferrule plug, high quality uplocking aluminum reels seat over Bubinga with a black rubber butt end, bright chrome guides, stripper and nickel silver ferrules with deep red perfectly done wraps. All placed into a really nice magenta heavy cotton twill fabric bag and then into a quality aluminum tube. This is a fantastic casting rod, fast, tight looped, a real pleasure in the hand.

Mint unused condition offered at the price of a graphite rod. SOLD

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Gus Nevros

Gus Nevros came on to the cane rod building scene in the 1970's. Living in Long Island with a summer home in the Catskills on the Roundout, he lived the classic fly fisherman's life from his return from serving in the army in World War II on. In this time, his kind and thoughtful nature gained him entry and friendship with all the noted first tier east coast builders, the likes of Garrison, Jim Payne, H. S. Gillium, Leonard allowed him entry to their shops and the time to discuss rod building. Over these years he built up a formidable working collection of these maker's rods. Once he started to pursue actual building, the doors remained open. Since Gus was an amateur builder he could take the extra time to finesse a rod to a level the working builders could not. His rods are jewels in their finishing. The thoughtful approach to hardware, wrapping, ferrule plugs, appointments, etc. is obvious. Every aspect of the rod is finished out with conscious attention, and it shows to the delight of any owner/user. Still building at 90 years old, Gus has produced over 300 superlative rods in his career. His insight and sixth sense into rod taper design make his rods also beautiful casting instruments. Gus has taken the craft of bamboo rod building to a higher level, deserving of a place in the history of the craft. Like many quality builders, absence of his name in the known books in no way diminishes the excellence and deserved recognition his work should command. We are pleased to have three Nevros rods for sale as follows;

All rods come in brass capped Rodon tubes, The Nevros heavy rod bag pocketed with two rubber ferrule pulling grip pads, Garrison node stager. See rod pictures for all rods to get a feel for the total rod.

Nevros, 8'0", 2/2, 5 wt.

Built in 1978 this mint unused condition (other than fond lawn casting) rod reminds me of a Payne 102. It is a very easy casting rod anyone would like. Medium blond cane, marked "Super Z" ferrules, 3 color wrappings, Nevros turned "King" ferrule plug out of Koa wood, with matching high quality uplocking aluminum over Koa wood reels seat.

Price:r $2,850.00.

Please contact Carl for more information or availability
Nevros 8'0, 3/2, 6 wt.

Nevros 8'0", 3/2, 6 wt.

Beautiful deep caramel rod shafts, with high quality uplocking aluminum reel seat over rosewood. Three color wrappings with graduated intermediates. Marked "Super Z" ferrules. Two Mildrum strippers on butt, with black snake guides.

Price: This rod is in mint unused condition. $2,850.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Nevros, 9'3, 3/2, 8 wt.

One of the great east coast builders whose level of perfection in building fine rods is unmatched. His rods are jewels and wonderful casting fishing instruments. Gus spent the time to work his blanks to absolute perfection and then appointed them with thoughtful, intelligence. Deep blonde cane shafts with Garrison node spacing. Quality downlocking reel seat over rosewood with a 2 inch attached fighting butt displaying a rosewood end with the 24K gold Nevros monogram coin embedded into the end. 14 cork ring straight Garrison type grip with Walnut tip. Incredible three color wrapping placement, with graduated intermediates, tungsten guides, marked "SUPER Z" ferrules, King and Queen walnut ferrule plugs. All placed into the standard heavy brown velour Nevros bag, with ferrule pocket containing two rubber grips for aiding in separating the ferrules during take down. Rodon brass capped aluminum tube. This is rod building taken to a higher level. Gus knew all the greats and frequented the shops of Leonard, Payne, Garrison and Gillum. As stated before these rods are jewels of the rod making craft.

Mint unused condition, because of the rarity and exquisite quality of the work being offered for $2,850.00.

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Leonard "Tournament" 9'0" 3/2 6 wt.

1930's built rod with all nickel silver sliding band reel seat, agate stripper. Original owner's initials engraved in reel seat (G. E. R.). Sent back to Leonard in the 70's for a redo of all new wrappings, re-varnish and new owner's name neatly professionally written on the butt above the grip. Mint restored condition. Newer Leonard yellow bag and brass capped tube. This is an excellent example of a fine older Leonard very fishable or to add to your collection.

Price: $875.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

E. W. Edwards "Deluxe" 8'6" 3/2 6 wt.

A later period Edwards (1932-37) with “Edwards Deluxe” in Gene Edward’s hand neatly written on butt above grip. Deep caramel colored shafts, professionally refinished with bright red wrappings tipped yellow, varnish in excellent condition with two chips in the butt. One of the wraps is frayed at one of the male ferrules.  Reel seat replaced when rod was refinished. Older tube and bag.  A classic nice casting higher end Edwards in very good + to excellent -, refinished condition.

Price: $725.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Dickerson 8616 Special 2/2 8 wt.

Unique in that there is only one recorded as being built. This rod is an exceptionally strong, smooth casting 8 weight. Throws out an entire line and then tugs at you reel for more. Received in poor surface condition and as a one tip rod, so I had John Pickard build a new tip out of pre-embargo cane and fabricate a new ferrule using the Dickerson ferruling machine. He also refinished the original tip. The two tips match almost perfectly. The original tip was down ¾ of an inch, the butt full length. The grip is well worn but still in very good condition. The original rod was built by Dickerson to 8'5" when put together. New bag and tube.

Due to the fact it is the only one every made and with the excellent restoration/replacement, asking $3,750.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Dickerson 861611 D 3/4 6 wt.

Rare as there were only three 861612's recorded as being built in Dickerson's record book. A very smooth easy casting 6 weight with that definite reserve Dickerson power in the butt section, like a strong Payne 204 with Michigan attitude. This rod belonged originally to a Detroit doctor; his name and contact information were engraved on the Dickerson tube cap. One can tell he used this rod a lot and it shows this service. The grip is ridged and the tips are both down four inches, so I had John Pickard build two completely new full length tips with all Dickerson materials as only John can do. So now the rod has four tips.

Four tip very good condition rod, original bag and tube, due to its rarity, asking $4,895.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability
Wanigas Supreme 9'0 2/2 8 wt.

Wanigas Supreme 9’0” 2/2 8 wt.

This is an Uslan built 5-sided rod, sporting original super Z ferrules. According to Art Neumann (original owner of Wanigas Rod Company) this was the only one made up for Wanigas. It was a prototype Michigan big water steelhead rod. Bob Summers rewrapped the stripper guide and added a Dickerson hook keeper to it in the 1990’s. Excellent minus condition in original Wanigas labeled Champion tube.

Price: $795.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability
Rod Photo

Joe Perigo, Genesse Valley Rods 8’0” 2/2 5 wt.

As only Joe could build. Exquisite mirror finished flamed rod, agate stripper, polished shafts, labeled brass capped tube, near mint condition, built when Joe was at the top of his game.

Price: SOLD

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Gary Howells 8’0” 2/2 5 wt.

3 ¾ oz. rod in excellent plus condition. Labeled tube. Tube has a kink in it, rod is perfect. This is a mid-life Howells with everything one should expect from Gary; deep honey-amber shafts, Howell’s yellow tipped over brown wraps, in the classic red bag.

Price: SOLD

Please contact Carl for more information or availability

Jon Parker 7’9” 2/2 5 wt.

Deep flamed shafts, a powerhouse of a rod, original brass capped black tube and bag, excellent condition, by one of the great nationally known rod builders.

Price: $1,075.00

Please contact Carl for more information or availability


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